A Family Affair at Tobin Jewelers Since 1952

Recently, Tobin Jewelers was featured in Mequon Beacon magazine. It was an honor to share our story with them and we love the work they do promoting and highlighting local businesses. Check out the article, written by Steve, below!

A Family Affair at Tobin Jewelers Since 1952

Ray Rupprecht and Bob Tobin started their business as a jewelry manufacturing company in Milwaukee that evolved into much more than they ever anticipated. What first started as a jewelry repair

shop, over the years has turned into a full-blown jewelry store. Bob and Ray specialized in diamonds and gemstones, along with fine jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Watches were also a very sought after item. The name Rupprecht and Tobin Jewelers spread throughout Milwaukee and a great reputation for quality craftsmanship has carried on throughout the past 60 years.

In 1992, Craig and Mary Tobin moved the business from Bob’s South 27th Street location, to New Berlin where they resided. Moving the whole business into a new community was a daunting task and quite a large risk for the family business. Since 1992, Craig and Mary have re-located the business three more times within New Berlin, each location has grow with more square footage, which was necessary with a growing clientele, employees, and jewelry inventory.

In 2011, during an economic crisis, Tobin Jewelers expanded their jewelry company and added a second location in the wonderful community of Mequon. Since then, the Tobin Family has felt blessed to not only become a part of the Mequon community, but so warmly welcomed. The ability to share their knowledge and expertise with their clients is a reason their reputation has grown throughout the years.

For Rob and Steve Tobin, the current owners of their Mequon and New Berlin jewelry stores, the biggest inspiration to both of them was their grandfather, Bob Tobin. “We visually saw while growing up, the hard work ethic and dedication he had towards not only his growing business, but his family too. This is something that we strive to live by each day, because it meant so much to the rest of us.” While in college, Rob and Steve spent their weekends in training at the business.

Over the years, after having and a great apprenticeship from their predecessors, they were ready to jump into the action. “Our favorite part about having our own business is that we enjoy the flexibility to incorporate many different thoughts and ideas to help market our business. We pride ourselves with continuing to try to new ideas.”

Mary Tobin, whom can be found at either the Mequon or New Berlin location on a daily basis created our “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign. Mary and the family wrap and bag 200 silver and diamond necklaces, and place them all over the Mequon and New Berlin communities for anyone to randomly find. There is note placed on the bag, that encourages you to freely take the piece, or please “pay it forward” and give it to someone they may know that could use the uplifting during the holiday season. The response has become overwhelming with thank you cards and emails, many which have brought the Tobin’s to tears.

What we have enjoyed, and not taken for granted, over the years between our locations in Mequon and New Berlin are the wonderful business relationships that we have created with our local customers and the friendships that have developed because of them. Being a small family business we truly recognize all of our customer’s support and appreciation for our hardworking family and staff at Tobin Jewelers.

One of Tobin Jewelers main goals for the future is to continue to be flexible and open to the ever-changing trends and technology of this day and age, while still adhering to the old school hard work ethic that Bob Tobin instilled in his grandchildren, Rob and Steve Tobin.

The Tobin Family currently supports numerous events and charities in the Mequon and New Berlin communities. Steve is a current board member of the Mequon-Thiensville Chamber of Commerce.

Please visit Tobin Jewelers at 10804 N. Port Washington Road, Mequon, 262-240-9798 or in New Berlin at 3502 S. Moorland Road, New Berlin, 262-789-8451 or find us on Facebook and at www.

Written by Steve Tobin

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