Custom Designed Jewelry-The Value and Process Behind a One-of-a-Kind Piece

Since 1952, Tobin Jewelers has been proud to serve the Milwaukee area by providing diamonds and custom made jewelry to those wishing to share valuable, memorable gifts with the ones they love. What sets Tobin apart is not only our three generations of family operated locations, but also our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and beautiful, custom designed pieces that our clients are excited to help us create. Custom designed jewelry is one of the services that sets Tobin apart. It is also one of the reasons that those who love to shop locally turn to our experts when looking to create a custom piece for an engagement, anniversary, birthday, or other special event. While anyone who receives a ring, bracelet or necklace is sure to cherish it, finding out their gift was custom designed with them specifically in mind increases its sentimental value immensely. By taking the time to seek out a business who provides custom work, an individual giving the gift of custom made jewelry is giving not only a piece of jewelry that is sure to be treasured for years, but they’re also relaying the true significance of their relationship. Creating custom pieces is the highlight of our job here at Tobin, and we are always ready and willing to perfect your vision. If you’re interested in creating a custom engagement ring or gift for someone you love, give us a call. One of our staff members will be happy to discuss your custom piece and will set up a time to work with you in order to create the best version of what you’re looking for.

Not exactly sure what you want? Feel free to bring in images of pieces similar to what you’re looking for. Our specialists will then create a sketch of your soon-to-be product so that you can better envision the final piece. The process will continue as follows…
• Once the initial sketch is approved, it will then be converted using a Computer Aided Design (CAD), which will allow us to create the sketch and take us to the next step.
• A three dimensional wax carving is created using CAD technology. This allows you to see exactly what the piece will look like before it is casted. It also gives us the opportunity to correctly make any changes before the final casting. Your approval is necessary before proceeding beyond this step.

• Once the piece has been casted into gold, silver, or your medium of choice, the next step is to polish, set the stones, and give it a final inspection In the end, you’ll have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for generations to come-so make sure to contact us at either of our Mequon or New Berlin area jewelry stores to inquire about your custom made piece.