DIY Jewelry Repair: How to Craft a Makeshift Jump Ring

While our specialty at Tobin Jewelers’ Mequon and New Berlin stores is fine jewelry, we always love learning new tips on how to care for and repair everyday jewelry as well. Necklaces, bracelets and other pieces suffer wear and tear when worn regularly, and sometimes, clasps and jump rings can become loose or break if bent or tightened. Fortunately, the contributors of Divine Caroline have a great solution if you’re ever in a pinch. Check out their clever (and resourceful) advice! How to Craft a Makeshift Jump Ring If you’ve never thought of getting crafty with office supplies as viable jewelry repair tools, you might want to take a second look. Did you know that paperclips make great makeshift jump rings? If you have them handy, all you need is something thin and cylindrical like a skewer, round chopsticks, or a small paintbrush and something to cut them with. Wire cutters of course work best here, but, because paperclips are so soft, a sharp pair of scissors does the trick too. Just wrap as much of the paperclip as you need around your chosen object and snip it where the it meets to make a circle, the same way you would when making jump rings from regular wire. Simple as that, you can easily and quickly repair your own jewelry for the time being. You may want to replace the makeshift jump ring later, but it’s the perfect quick fix jewelry repair option. We think…genius! Source