Heading to Antwerp for Diamonds

We are happy to announce that the diamond experts from Tobin Jewelers will be traveling to Antwerp, Belgium this fall. Although it’s still several months away, we always make our customers aware so they can speak with us about special order diamonds.

Every year the Tobin family travels around the world to personally hand-select the most brilliant and well cut diamonds for you to examine in our Milwaukee area showrooms. The diamonds come in small parcels and are carefully examined by the Tobin Family. This is very different from Internet websites, mall jewelers, chain stores, and large independent jewelers who receive large, unseen parcels that are sold regardless of the quality of the diamonds. All of our Antwerp and Russian “Tsarina” diamonds come with Laser engraving to assure that your diamond is unique – and Tobin Jewelers doesn’t charge extra for that service to our customers.

Our diamond experts save you a great deal of money by purchasing directly from the stone cutters. Stop in or call us to make an appointment with one of our jewelry experts at either of our Mequon or New Berlin stores. We will discuss your needs and determine can hand select the perfect diamond for your needs in Antwerp.