Spotlight on Bastian-Silver Creations at Tobin Jewelers

Tobin Jewelers has an outstanding reputation for providing quality diamonds and gemstones, particularly engagement rings and wedding bands. But another of our favorite fine jewelry specialties is fine silver. Sleek, simple, and beautiful. Check out Tobin Jewelers’ fine silver provider, Bastian, by clicking here. Or stop in at either of our Mequon or New Berlin jewelry stores to view some of the gorgeous pieces Bastian has to offer.

Some words from our friends at Bastian… It’s possible that, for all our modernity, our designs are still a little old-fashioned. Unlike many other jewellery manufacturers, at bastian we set exclusive store by natural materials – sterling silver and gold, shimmering pearls and fascinating precious stones such as diamonds, amethysts, citrines, topaz and peridots or exquisite pearls. Our jewellery is the result of meticulous craftsmanship with loving attention to detail, while still taking advantage of modern production methods. Valuable little masterpieces made of solid gold or silver and embedded with precious stones with original cuts and ingenious settings. Craftsmanship in the best possible sense of the word.