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Custom Jewelry Creations


Nothing quite says “I love you” like a custom jewelry piece. Did you know our third-generation Milwaukee area craftsmen can help you design and create a custom piece right on-site? When you visit a Tobin Jewelers showroom, you have the ability to work directly with Steve or Rob Tobin, who will guide you through the entire […]

Stones for Any Size


Tobin Jewelers knows a thing or two about customizations. Sometimes there just isn’t a pre-made piece that does the trick! Our diamond experts can help you create stunning pieces with custom cut stones. At Tobin Jewelers, we can cut your gemstones and diamonds to any size, made to fit your jewelry mounting. Have a uniquely shaped […]

Save on Custom Wedding Bands-Receive 20% Off Through the End of August!

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Custom wedding bands, crafted with your own vision and style as inspiration, are the perfect testament to your love and commitment to each other. Let Rob or Steve Tobin help you create your own custom wedding bands! Even if you purchased your engagement ring elsewhere, we can create a custom band that will blend seamlessly with the […]

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Bracelets for Any Occasion at Tobin Jewelers


Sometimes it can be tough to find a unique gift for the ones you love. Graduations, birthdays, holidays…so many opportunities to show them you care. But what do you get them?Diamonds are a timeless investment, and at Tobin Jewelers we have some incredible pieces that give you the flexibility to build a gift over time. With the add-a-diamond bracelet, […]

Custom Creations for Love at Tobin Jewelers


Wedding season is upon us! Many brides and grooms are out planning all of the details and getting everything set for the perfect day. While many aspects of your wedding will be just wonderful memories, your wedding bands serve as a constant reminder of your love for and commitment to each other. Even if you […]

Custom Creations, Gorgeous Results


Searching for the perfect jewelry item, but haven’t been able to find just what you’re looking for? A visit to Tobin Jewelers could be your answer.Tobin Jewelers will help you create your very own piece of custom jewelry. We can start from scratch and build an idea into a remarkable piece that you will cherish for years to […]

Travel to Antwerp with Tobin Jewelers

Milwaukee diamonds Antwerp, Belgium

Not many people are given the opportunity to witness the diamond cutting process. At Tobin Jewelers, we want our clients to understand why their diamond is so incredible. For this reason, we’re extending a special invitation to travel with our family to Antwerp, Belgium. For diamonds 4 carats and up, you can join the Tobin […]

Make Heirlooms Magical Again


Heirloom jewelry passed down from generation to generation holds a special place in the hearts of many – be it earrings, pendants, rings, anything. At Tobin Jewelers, we understand the timelessness and sentiment that goes with owning such jewelry. One way to make these heirloom pieces more wearable while sill preserving the sentiment is with remounts. At Tobin Jewelers’ […]

Heading to Antwerp for Diamonds


We are happy to announce that the diamond experts from Tobin Jewelers will be traveling to Antwerp, Belgium this fall. Although it’s still several months away, we always make our customers aware so they can speak with us about special order diamonds. Every year the Tobin family travels around the world to personally hand-select the […]

Add-a-Diamond for Any Occasion at Tobin Jewelers


No matter what special occasion you have coming up – engagement, anniversary, or birthday – Tobin Jewelers is here to make it unforgettable. With a stunning variety of loose diamonds and a passion for creating custom jewelry, our team of experienced jewelers loves working with clients to create the perfect gift for your loved one. […]