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The Diamond Trade Up Program


At Tobin Jewelers, you can feel absolutely confident in your purchase. That’s because the diamonds you buy from us will never lose their value. Yes you read that correctly! A Tobin Jewelers diamond will always be worth what you paid for it. Have a pair of diamond stud earrings you purchased at Tobin you’d like to […]

Personalize with Laser Engraving at Tobin Jewelers


There’s something special about a personalized gift. Whether a name, quote, or other sentiment, an engraved message is the perfect way to add an extra bit of love to your jewelry gift. Tobin Jewelers offers laser engraving with a note or message for your loved one, which is placed on the outer edge of the diamond. […]

Add-a-Diamond Jewelry at Tobin Jewelers

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For those young and old, there’s something truly special about traditions. Whether it’s yearly vacations, special family gatherings, or a personal event you look forward to, it’s great to have things to look forward to. Add-a-diamond necklaces and bracelets celebrate the joy of traditions with a simple philosophy – start small and build. Whether for a […]

Belgium, Here We Come!

Milwaukee diamonds Antwerp, Belgium

The Tobin family’s trip to Antwerp, Belgium is coming up quick! They’ll be meeting with some of the diamond cutters that create the beautiful stones you can find in our Milwaukee area showrooms. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Tobin Jewelers to talk with one of our jewelry specialists about your own diamond, be sure to stop by soon! […]

Trade Up to Bigger Diamonds at Tobin Jewelers

milwaukee diamonds

For many of our customers, we understand that diamonds are an investment. The great thing about purchasing with Tobin Jewelers is you have the ability to upgrade your diamonds at any point. With the Tobin Jewelers Diamond Trade Up Program, you get a credit for what you originally paid for your diamonds to use towards the purchase of larger […]

Location, Location, Location-Small Differences Make or Break the Diamond


All diamonds have inclusion. Where is the location of the inclusions in your diamond? You need to look at the diamonds before purchasing – compare them side by side with others. You can take 2 diamonds of the same clarity rating and 1 will always look much more brilliant than the other.At Tobin Jewelers, we purchase our diamonds the same way […]

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Selling Your Diamonds at Tobin Jewelers


Just as with any other purchase, every so often you may decide you want to upgrade your jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a larger stone for an existing setting or an entirely new piece, Tobin Jewelers will happily purchase your diamonds from you.If you’re in the market to sell your diamonds, come in to either of […]

Tobin Jewelers Featured in JCK Magazine!

small business saturday mequon

We take pride in being a small, family owned business. We strive to provide our customers with a personalized buying experience that makes them feel comfortable and confident in their purchase. Recently, our New Berlin and Mequon jewelry stores were featured in JCK Magazine’s article on the importance of Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday, […]

The Importance of Appraisals


A jewelry appraisal is a very important document for your valuable diamonds and other fine jewelry. At times it is your only protection when your items are lost, stolen, or damaged. An appraisal from Tobin Jewelers ensures that your items are thoroughly evaluated, described, and valued so that in case of a loss you will receive proper compensation. With the […]

Personalize Your Diamond at Tobin Jewelers


Buying a diamond is an important investment – one that you care for and protect. When you go to other jewelers, you may wonder whether or not the diamond you choose is the one you actually get. At Tobin Jewelers’ Milwaukee area showrooms, we sometimes hear the question “how do I know you won’t change my diamond out for […]