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Appraisals for Inherited Pieces


We often have clients visit our Milwaukee area showrooms in search of help with jewelry pieces they’ve inherited. For some, there can be confusion as to what items require insurance and what may not be worth as much. When you visit Tobin Jewelers, one of our jewelry experts will sit down with you to go through […]

Keep Your Appraisals Up-to-Date


Keeping your fine jewelry appraisals up-to-date is incredibly important for insurance purposes. If your appraisal isn’t current, you run the risk of being improperly covered in the event of theft or damage. At Tobin Jewelers, we complete all appraisal services right in-store so nothing has to leave our Milwaukee area location. Even if you’ve had your […]

Gold Is On The Rise!


You’ve likely heard it for quite some time now. Gold is on the rise!Rob and Steve Tobin continue the family tradition as expert goldsmiths. They are here to help update your insurance appraisals so you’re properly covered in case of unforeseen circumstances. As an added benefit, all appraisals at Tobin Jewelers include a polishing and cleaning […]

Update Your Appraisals at Tobin Jewelers

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One aspect of owning fine jewelry people sometimes forget is insurance. It’s incredibly important to have proper insurance coverage to protect your investment, and Tobin Jewelers can help with exactly that. Did you receive jewelry as a gift over the holidays? Stop in at either of our Milwaukee area locations and we’ll perform an appraisal for […]

Update Your Appraisals at Tobin Jewelers

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Whether you’ve inherited jewelry from loved ones or have a collection of fine jewelry you’ve acquired over the years, appraisals are an important part of ensuring everything is safe.Bring your jewelry to either of our Milwaukee area showrooms and a Tobin Jewelers representative will help you determine which items are worth having appraised. If appraisals are necessary, […]

Update Appraisals at Tobin Jewelers


Gold prices have recently subsided, however they are still lingering nearly twice its amount from just a few years ago. Most people who have purchased jewelry and scheduled it on their insurance before 2008 are probably under-insured.  Tobin Jewelers has seen too many people who unfortunately have to put in a claim for lost or stolen items that […]

The Importance of Appraisals


A jewelry appraisal is a very important document for your valuable diamonds and other fine jewelry. At times it is your only protection when your items are lost, stolen, or damaged. An appraisal from Tobin Jewelers ensures that your items are thoroughly evaluated, described, and valued so that in case of a loss you will receive proper compensation. With the […]