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Save Old Stones with Remounting


Is your loved one celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other milestone soon? We know a thing or two about gifts, and we’re happy to help! Remounts make for excellent gifts. If you have an existing diamond, the jewelry craftsmen at Tobin Jewelers can hep you select a new mounting and use your stone for the center! Like […]

Preventative Maintenance for Jewelry


Even with proper care, your jewelry can sometimes use a tuneup. Like your car, we recommend bringing your jewelry to our showrooms every so often for some preventative maintenance! Regular wear and daily activity, like taking gloves on and off, can cause ring prongs to loosen. It comes down to this: it’s much simpler to do a […]

The Diamond Trade Up Program


At Tobin Jewelers, you can feel absolutely confident in your purchase. That’s because the diamonds you buy from us will never lose their value. Yes you read that correctly! A Tobin Jewelers diamond will always be worth what you paid for it. Have a pair of diamond stud earrings you purchased at Tobin you’d like to […]

Gold Is On The Rise!


You’ve likely heard it for quite some time now. Gold is on the rise!Rob and Steve Tobin continue the family tradition as expert goldsmiths. They are here to help update your insurance appraisals so you’re properly covered in case of unforeseen circumstances. As an added benefit, all appraisals at Tobin Jewelers include a polishing and cleaning […]

Discover Remounting Services at Tobin Jewelers


The holidays are a busy time at Tobin Jewelers! From the purchase of new pieces to the restoration of old, our jewelry experts are always excited to help customers find jewelry they love. The holidays are a particularly busy time for remounts – a great service to consider if you haven’t already! Our expert craftsmen can […]

A Family Affair at Tobin Jewelers Since 1952

Milwaukee jewelry designers

Recently, Tobin Jewelers was featured in Mequon Beacon magazine. It was an honor to share our story with them and we love the work they do promoting and highlighting local businesses. Check out the article, written by Steve, below!A Family Affair at Tobin Jewelers Since 1952Ray Rupprecht and Bob Tobin started their business as a […]

Add-a-Diamond Jewelry at Tobin Jewelers

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.58.22 PM

For those young and old, there’s something truly special about traditions. Whether it’s yearly vacations, special family gatherings, or a personal event you look forward to, it’s great to have things to look forward to. Add-a-diamond necklaces and bracelets celebrate the joy of traditions with a simple philosophy – start small and build. Whether for a […]

Update Your Appraisals at Tobin Jewelers

jewelry appraisal

Whether you’ve inherited jewelry from loved ones or have a collection of fine jewelry you’ve acquired over the years, appraisals are an important part of ensuring everything is safe.Bring your jewelry to either of our Milwaukee area showrooms and a Tobin Jewelers representative will help you determine which items are worth having appraised. If appraisals are necessary, […]

Belgium, Here We Come!

Milwaukee diamonds Antwerp, Belgium

The Tobin family’s trip to Antwerp, Belgium is coming up quick! They’ll be meeting with some of the diamond cutters that create the beautiful stones you can find in our Milwaukee area showrooms. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Tobin Jewelers to talk with one of our jewelry specialists about your own diamond, be sure to stop by soon! […]

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


It’s the season of love and, before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be upon us! In just about a month, we’ll be showing our loved ones our appreciation and gratitude towards them with a special gift.To help celebrate, Tobin Jewelers is offering up to 20% off in-stock items from now until Valentine’s Day! You […]