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Selling Your Diamonds at Tobin Jewelers


Just as with any other purchase, every so often you may decide you want to upgrade your jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a larger stone for an existing setting or an entirely new piece, Tobin Jewelers will happily purchase your diamonds from you.If you’re in the market to sell your diamonds, come in to either of […]

Tobin Jewelers Exclusive Buying Event


The Tobin family is excited to announce that we will be heading to an exclusive buying event with our diamond cutters this month. We love these events because they give us an opportunity to hand-select diamonds specifically for our customers.Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current pieces or are on the hunt for the perfect new stone, our […]

Travel to Antwerp with Tobin Jewelers

Milwaukee diamonds Antwerp, Belgium

Not many people are given the opportunity to witness the diamond cutting process. At Tobin Jewelers, we want our clients to understand why their diamond is so incredible. For this reason, we’re extending a special invitation to travel with our family to Antwerp, Belgium. For diamonds 4 carats and up, you can join the Tobin […]

The Importance of Appraisals


A jewelry appraisal is a very important document for your valuable diamonds and other fine jewelry. At times it is your only protection when your items are lost, stolen, or damaged. An appraisal from Tobin Jewelers ensures that your items are thoroughly evaluated, described, and valued so that in case of a loss you will receive proper compensation. With the […]

Personalize Your Diamond at Tobin Jewelers


Buying a diamond is an important investment – one that you care for and protect. When you go to other jewelers, you may wonder whether or not the diamond you choose is the one you actually get. At Tobin Jewelers’ Milwaukee area showrooms, we sometimes hear the question “how do I know you won’t change my diamond out for […]

In-House Jewelry Repair


While many jewelry stores outsource their jewelry repairs, at Tobin Jewelers we provide in-house services. By doing so, we ensure that the expectations of our customers are attended to with care, while adhering to our strict standards and proven practices. Tobin Jewelers’ services include diamond and stone setting, jewelry inspections, remounts, ring sizing, soldering, appraisals, and pearl […]

Heading to Antwerp for Diamonds


We are happy to announce that the diamond experts from Tobin Jewelers will be traveling to Antwerp, Belgium this fall. Although it’s still several months away, we always make our customers aware so they can speak with us about special order diamonds. Every year the Tobin family travels around the world to personally hand-select the […]

Diamond Education-Expand Your Knowledge at Tobin Jewelers!


The Tobin family is committed to bringing the Milwaukee area not only the brightest and best diamonds, but the knowledge to help you understand why they are the best.When you come to Tobin Jewelers, we will educate you on the basics of diamond cutting and the 4 Cs. We want you to see what a beautifully cut diamond looks […]

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Get More for Your Engagement at Tobin Jewelers


When you purchase a center diamond from Tobin Jewelers, you can feel confident knowing you’ve received both an incredible stone and the knowledge to understand why it’s so great. We understand how momentous engagements are. That’s why we offer the Tobin Jewelers Engagement Ring Bonus. With the purchase of a center diamond from either of Tobin Jewelers’ […]

The New TobinJewelers.com

The New TobinJewelers.com

 Tobin Jewelers is so excited to announce the arrival of our new website! The new TobinJewelers.com is a great resource for those looking for a bit of knowledge on the diamond selection and cutting process, information about our jewelry, and descriptions of the services offered at both of our Milwaukee area showrooms. Click the image below to visit our website […]