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Great Gifts at Tobin Jewelers


Anniversaries are a special occasion – a day to celebrate another year of supporting each other through ups, downs, and everything in between. Birthdays, another favorite occasion of ours, are a time to commemorate a loved one – a day dedicated just to them! At Tobin Jewelers, we truly enjoy helping people find a unique gift […]

Rare, Beautiful, and Limited-New Collection at Tobin Jewelers


Tobin Jewelers has recently added two new lines to our fabulous array of diamond and fine jewelry collection. One of these lines features incredibly rare, one-of-a-kind diamonds. With colors like pink, blue, and green, it’s no wonder these diamonds aren’t something you see every day! Best of all, they can be used however you’d like because […]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Gifts from Tobin Jewelers


Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we love to celebrate moms at Tobin Jewelers! Plus, confirmations, graduations, and other springtime events are still on the horizon.  Whether you’re looking for a classic pendant, earrings, or bracelet, or maybe something a bit more fashion-oriented (like the new designs from MeiraT), Tobin Jewelers is sure to have a […]

Restore & Rejuvenate Your Jewels at Tobin Jewelers

Milwaukee jewelry repair services

By keeping our jewelry repair services in-house, you can rest assured it will be completed in a timely manner by seasoned experts. Tobin Jewelers offers a number of services to repair and restore your pieces. There’s nothing quite like the treasured story behind a sentimental piece of jewelry. At Tobin Jewelers, we can take existing pieces and create unique new […]

Diamond and Stone Setting – Complimentary at Tobin Jewelers

Whenever you shop for fine jewelry – whether it’s a diamond engagement ring, earrings, a tennis bracelet or a solitaire pendant – choosing the right setting should be one of the largest factors behind your buying decision. Each setting creates a different “look” and has its own distinct advantages. Plus, choosing the appropriate setting for someone’s […]