Unique Materials for Men at Tobin Jewelers

Women aren’t the only ones who want jewelry that makes a statement! Men’s wedding bands come in tons of styles and materials and range from simple and modern to classic and elegant. At Tobin Jewelers, we want to give you options.

Tungsten, titanium, and cobalt have made big splashes lately, expanding the number of options men have to choose from. Tungsten, the least common of the three, can be worn without wearing down no matter how much a man is using his hands. It is extremely durable and appeals to those men that want something understated.

The lower price points of titanium and cobalt tend to appeal to those men that will take their ring on and off, as it takes away a bit of the pressure of misplacing it. They possess many of the same properties as platinum, making them visually appealing as well. And as an added bonus, titanium has the ‘ooh’ factor attached to it whenever anyone asks what it’s made of.

No matter what properties and style you’re looking for in a wedding band, Tobin Jewelers is happy to find the perfect match for any guy. Stop in at either of our Milwaukee area jewelry showrooms and we’ll be glad to show you our selections!