You want jewelry. Do they know? How to drop the hint.

Whether for a special occasion or just because, every once in a while you’d like to get a gorgeous piece of jewelry from your special someone. The tricky part, as most of you know, is knowing how to let them know without being too obvious. Try a few of these tricks to see if they get the hint!
Share the item on social media
Post an image or link to specific pieces on Facebook, Pinterest or even tweet about it, especially if you know they’ll see it. Even if they don’t, maybe a friend will and suggest it to them!
Make a photo list of things you want
Be sure to include the piece (or pieces) you’re eyeing up. Whether by making the image larger or putting a star by it, make sure they can see that you want it!
Have a close friend talk to them
Recruit a good friend to drop the hint. They don’t have to say “she told me she wants that necklace,” but something like “wow, this necklace looks like something she would love!” could do the trick!
If you’re looking for fine jewelry for whatever reason, Tobin Jewelers has a wide selection of styles and pieces that would make the perfect gift for any occasion. We encourage you to browse our site, or stop in at either of our Mequon or New Berlin area stores to check out our collection. The first step towards hinting at a gift, after all, is finding what you want!