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Welcome to Tobin Jewelers

Walking into Tobin Jewelers’ New Berlin and Mequon jewelry showrooms is the start of a lifelong partnership between our clients and expert jewelers – working together to build and care for a significant part of your family’s legacy. As third-generation jewelers, our own tradition is enhancing your traditions. We are here to help you find the fine jewelry pieces that reflect style and creativity and the cherished and meaningful pieces that mark your milestones.

We carry hundreds of loose diamonds that we have hand-selected in Russia & Antwerp, Belgium. Additionally, we carry one of the largest selections of settings from the world’s top designers, including remarkable engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands. The experience we have gained over the years, the effort spent carefully choosing the best inventory, and the time we spend in our showroom are all dedicated to ensuring that the jewelry pieces you purchase are exactly what you were hoping to find.


Though many things change in Milwaukee, diamonds remain a standard of beauty and elegance. At Tobin Jewelers, we hand-select hundreds of loose diamonds in Russia and Antwerp, Belgium each year. Reading about the 4 Cs will offer information, but seeing diamonds side-by-side for yourself helps you appreciate each stone’s best qualities.

You will learn what makes you fall in love with a diamond’s appearance, how to choose between diamonds, and why the diamond you pick is the perfect one for you. 

Bridal Jewelry

The jewelry a couple chooses speaks volumes about their commitment, connection, and style. They are the pieces that will be admired and talked about more than any others…now and decades into the future.

Visit our showrooms to find diamonds of exceptional beauty and workmanship, set into breathtaking engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands from the world’s top designers.

Custom Design

The best jewelry pieces perfectly speak to both the person and the occasion. Sometimes only a custom piece can do that.

With three generations of experience, the Tobins are intimately familiar with classic styles, vintage inspirations, and innovative trends. Let our custom diamond setters and goldsmiths help you find the perfect design to match the form and feeling you want to acheive. Tobin sets the standard in Milwaukee custom jewelry. We invite you to learn more about the design process and visit our New Berlin or Mequon jewelry showrooms to find out how we can help you.

Guaranteed For Life

At Tobin Jewelers, a purchase is just the start of our relationship with customers and their finely-crafted jewelry. We provide the extra services that show customers we stand by our work years after purchase: free inspections, appraisals, re-appraisals, and a reputation-backed warranty that leaves out the surprises and fine print.

The Tobin family is dedicated to providing your family with a legacy collection of gorgeous, meaningful, premier-quality jewelry. For you, for now, for a lifetime.